Why The Jets Need to Play Hackenberg

Bryce Petty is the latest casualty to the New York Jets injured reserve list as he suffered a Torn Labrum during Saturday's 41-3 loss to the New England Patriots. With only one game remaining in this disastrous season many were wondering who are the Jets going to turn to as their starting quarterback? Will it be … Continue reading Why The Jets Need to Play Hackenberg


What to Watch for Week 16: Jets vs Patriots

Not much to celebrate this season if you are the New York Jets, or a fan of them. All of that can change with a victory over the New England Patriots on Christmas Eve. The Patriots are coming into this game with a five-game winning streak, which includes their 22-17 victory over the Jets in week 12. … Continue reading What to Watch for Week 16: Jets vs Patriots

Grow A Backbone! Bench Richardson

A season that held big expectations for the New York Jets has turned out to be a complete trainwreck. After Rex Ryan was fired it was commonly said that the circus has left town, but it appears that the circus has returned and its starring Sheldon Richardson. Richardson's latest clown act was right before the … Continue reading Grow A Backbone! Bench Richardson