New York Knicks spiraling out of control

Just when you think it can’t get much worse for the New York Knicks, they go on to lose at the buzzer from the hands of the Philadelphia 76ers. They have now lost nine of the last 10 games as they continue to pull themselves out of the playoff picture.

Through the course of every season, teams go through ups and downs. Sometimes they go into slumps but this recent struggle for the Knicks seems to be more than a slump. The past 10 games they play with no sense of urgency, they seem lifeless.

As much blame as Carmelo Anthony deserves, I mean just watch the video of the buzzer beater. No effort from Anthony to contest T.J. McConnell’s shot. If Anthony does not start leading this team on and off the court they will have no chance of turning it around.

But Kristaps Porzingis does not get a pass either, where in the world was Porzingis last night? The New York Knicks cannot win if he’s going to score only seven points and have three rebounds. He had an opportunity to ice the game with a wide open three and he air-balled it, which led to the fast break and the game-winning shot for the 76ers.

The bench had no impact in this game as well. Kyle O’Quinn was the only exception with his 10 points and 15 rebounds. But guys like Lance Thomas played 20 minutes and he didn’t score a single point, as he was 0-3 from the field.

In fact, the 76ers bench outscored the Knicks 35-23. There is not one positive outlook for the Knicks right now and some are pointing the blame on Jeff Hornacek. Look, it’s not the coach, arguments can be made about how he is not making the adjustments.

But how many coaches have Knicks have gone through over the years? It’s not Hornacek, it’s the players. It starts with Anthony, there is more to the game than putting the ball through the net. His whole career he has been criticized for being selfish and not a leader. All of that has proven to be correct time and time again.

Some may argue he has never had talented players to play with. Well, this roster has plenty of talent, Melo himself has said this is the most talented roster he’s played with. But yet they are still losing and it’s simple, the losing will continue if he doesn’t change.


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