Why The Jets Need to Play Hackenberg

Bryce Petty is the latest casualty to the New York Jets injured reserve list as he suffered a Torn Labrum during Saturday’s 41-3 loss to the New England Patriots.

With only one game remaining in this disastrous season many were wondering who are the Jets going to turn to as their starting quarterback? Will it be Ryan Fitzpatrick or the rookie Christian Hackenberg? Well, the Jets made it official today that Fitzpatrick will be the starter against the Buffalo Bills.

But my question is,  haven’t you seen enough of Fitzpatrick? Why not give Hackenberg the opportunity to get his feet wet in this league. Now this decision could be to protect him because the offensive line is dreadful, they exposed Petty to this danger and it resulted in an injury that most likely will cause him to undergo surgery.

Sources are saying that Hackenberg is just not ready to compete at the NFL level so perhaps that’s another reason why they are not starting him against the Bills. Maybe they don’t want his confidence to be broken by having a miserable performance.

I believe the best way for Hackenberg to learn and develop is by getting playing time and this is the perfect game for it. This game means nothing to the Jets other than the fact of what draft pick they will receive after it’s over.

So even if the Jets feel like it’s best to start Fitzpatrick, it will probably be best to treat this game like a preseason game giving Hackenberg some action. The Jets took him in the second round for a reason it makes no sense for them not to take a look at him. It makes sense to give him some playing time to see where he stands and what he needs to improve on.


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