Grow A Backbone! Bench Richardson

A season that held big expectations for the New York Jets has turned out to be a complete trainwreck. After Rex Ryan was fired it was commonly said that the circus has left town, but it appears that the circus has returned and its starring Sheldon Richardson.

Richardson’s latest clown act was right before the Jets matchup against the Miami Dolphins he posted a video on Snap Chat using offensive language, that you can see using this link

It is unclear what is said at the end of the video, some believe he says “F” this game, which causes some to question the effort of the Jets as they were embarrassed by their division rival losing at home 34-13. Coach Todd Bowles after the game said that he will handle the incident.

The solution is simple if you’re Coach Bowles, that solution is to suspend Richardson for the remaining two games of the season. You might think that is harsh for making a mistake, but Richardson has been a distraction for this team the past couple of seasons. He has been arrested for speeding and fleeing from the police with a child in the car going 143 miles per hour. Richardson was suspended four games last year by the NFL for that incident.

Richardson was suspended for the season opener this year for drag racing.  He and Muhammad Wilkerson were suspended in week nine against the Dolphins for missing team meetings. Bowles has given Richardson multiple opportunities but enough is enough, it’s time to come down hard on him.

Fining him will not be enough nor will having a talk with him, Bowles needs to send a message to the players in the locker room that this behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. It seems like Bowles might be losing control of his players, suspending Richardson for his recent stupidity could help him get the attention of his players and reestablish some order.

Richardson’s time as a Jet certainly appears over as it has been rumored that the organization wants to shop him, they reportedly tried trading Richardson before the deadline.  Look for the Jets to trade the talented but dysfunctional defensive end in the offseason.

Featured image via Alex Goodlett/Getty Images



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